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The Syndicate prides itself on offering its members a comprehensive range of insurance covers backed up by worldwide entities known for their highly technical skills and financial solidity.

Lines of Business:

Cargo – War

This product is based on standard Institute War & SRCC Clauses (Cargo) and cover is extended to cover physical losses or damages caused by war, civil war, rebellion, revolution and other War related perils.

We can write up to USD 250m on any one policy

Hull – War

This insurance covers marine war and related perils, including terrorism and piracy, which are normally excluded from a standard Marine Hull and Machinery policy.

The product is based on recognized international conditions such as the Institute War and Strike Clauses.

We can write up to USD 200m on any one vessel of Arab FOM (Flag, Ownership, and Management)

War on Land (WOL)

This insurance covers loss of, or damage, caused by war revolution, strike or hostile act, seizure arrest capture or detainment or derelict weapons of war for land transit shipments .

We can write up to USD 14M on any one risk

Aviation – War (Airline / Non-Airline)

This insurance covers against War and related perils for Airline and non-Airline Hulls and/or other interests, warranted syndicate member state registered.

This facility is offered on facultative basis.

Sabotage & Terrorism (S&T) – Political Violence (PV)

This insurance covers against loss or damage and the ensuing loss of income, caused by acts of terrorism, sabotage and political violence.

We can write up to USD 80M on any one risk.

Passive War

This insurance covers death or disablement caused directly as a result of war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities or war-like operations, civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or martial law.

We can write up to USD1.1M on any one life/USD 8.25M per event

Ship Builders/Repairers (War)

This insurance is designed for ship repairers and provides care, custody & control for damage to vessels under repair or alteration by the Insured due to war.

We can write up to USD50M on each vessel or risk.

Event Cancellation

AWRIS in collaboration with "Marine Assekuranz - and "Hansekuranz - " both from Germany , will be working closely to develop a new product on Event cancellation
• Targeted events will be : exhibitions, carnivals , Formula One, Theatres, musical concerts, conferences, festivals, music tours and sporting and alike ( Marathons, Triathlons ,Iron Man & Spartan race)

We can write up to USD50M on each vessel or risk.

Kidnap & Ransom 

AWRIS in collaboration with German firms "Hansekuranz" and "Marine Assekuranz" introduce/ launch the Kidnap and Ransom re-insurance covers. The K&R re-insurance cover is underwritten on AWRIS paper, and is supported by "Hansekuranz-HK" who are backed by Munich Re 100%

Grain Cargo Shipments from Russia/Ukraine – war

AWRIS agreed to sign up a treaty with a leading ‘A’ rated security in London to grant AWRIS a war cover (on Facultative case-by-case basis) for shipments of grain, wheat, barley, and essential food products, from ports in Russia and Ukraine mainly into the GCC and Jordan.
Therefore, AWRIS will help its member companies to cover these shipments, which are often excluded from the rest of the insurance covers currently available in the market.

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